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City launches new and local COVID app

Author: Simone De Alba (News4SA)

It's everything COVID-19 in the palm of your hand, and it's free.

"We know that our target audience for this app is the resident between 18 and 44 years old. Those are the folks we have in mind," said Dr. Adriana Rocha Garcia

The City of San Antonio launched an app on Wednesday to make navigating COVID information a bit more user friendly. There, you can find locations and wait times for local coronavirus testing sites. The app is not managed by Metro Health but is linked to all its data. Mayor Ron Nirenberg says it will make information much more accessible.

"The app will make it much easier to cope with the stressful process of getting tested for COVID-19," said Nirenberg. It's a new and innovative tool."

It's making the latest information on infections and testing simple to find. It also compiles resources for those who aren't sure if they should be tested, offering a self-screening test.

"When people test positive we need to give them the support that they need so they don’t infect other people," said Councilwoman Ana Sandoval. "Simply saying go home and isolate may not be enough."

The app was the creative brainchild of two City Councilwomen; Dr. Adriana Rocha Garcia and Ana Sandoval. It was brought to life by San Antonio based start up "Irys."

"The rollout of todays apps is one of those reinforcements that we are all in this together," said Garcia.

"In a pandemic, having timely information," said Sandoval. "Having accurate information is what’s really key to keeping us safe."

Beto Altamirano, the CEO and Co-Founder of Irys, said helping to create this tool was a pro-bono effort that he and his team are proud of. He noted many sleepless nights trying to make the app a reality.

"This is a free product we are offering the city because we want people, the community of San Antonio, to have a better understanding about what's going on in the city and to not be exposed," said Altamirano.

Other links included are resources for Bexar County trends, financial and housing recovery, school information, small businesses, and veterans assistance.

"The most important tool is communication," said Sandoval.

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