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Councilwoman Rocha Garcia finds out she's COVID-19 negative after 13 day quarantine

Author: Jim Lefko (Fox 29)

SAN ANTONIO - The past two weeks have been a challenge for rookie city councilwoman Adriana Rocha Garcia. She thought she may have had COVID-19.

Even though her test came back negative this afternoon, Garcia says she needed to display the kind of behavior the whole city should copy if anyone feels as poorly as she did.

"I’m just trying to model the behavior that I would like all of the residents of San Antonio to model," she says today. "I didn’t want to take any chances, that if I did have something that I would pass it on to anyone."

When she first started noticing coronavirus-like symptoms about 14 days ago, Garcia took immediate action.

"I started feeling just like weird a few weeks ago," she says. "Today is my 13th day in quarantine."

Having already tested negative for the flu and strep throat, Garcia is now going to get a lung function test.

Another possibility is allergies, which have plagued her in the past.

"There is a whole lot of nasty stuff going around right now,' she says.

But this time has been different than previous bouts with allergies.

She has been trying to work from home, with mixed results.

"It’s really strange because I always have a whole lot of energy and am never tired, but I’ve been so tired lately," Garcia says.

She has had shortness of breath, chest pains, fever - which broke about four days ago - a sore throat and coughing. It's made her life miserable.

Asked how she felt a few days ago on a 1 to 10 scale, with 10 being the worst, she says: "I felt about an 8 probably with the shortness of breath and the tightness on my chest. Right now, I’m probably feeling maybe like a 4."

Garcia has continued to do council business from home, even if she had to cut short a few meetings due to fatigue. She's advocating for parks to be shut down, and for people to realize today is a special day.

"It is Census Day,' she says. "If you have nothing else to do during your quarantine, please take your census."

Click here to see a Public Service Announcement she did recently on the census.

For the most recent COVID-19 numbers in Bexar County, click here.

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