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Officials working to make changes to help system handle more COVID-19 vaccine signups

Author: Amanda Henderson (Fox 29)

SAN ANTONIO — Thousands of additional vaccine appointments are happening next week. Last week some of you told us the difficulty you had in signing up and this week there are some changes.

“We just keep getting busy signals and hang ups,” Deborah Stegall said.

Last week we introduced you to Deborah and her husband Chet Stegall. The couple had trouble signing up for COVID-19 vaccines until early Saturday evening when they got appointments after trying for more than a week.

We also talked with Marilyn Gayle and she has yet to get an appointment, which has left her feeling defeated.

“I know that there are people that probably need the vaccine as bad or maybe even worse than I do. It’s just hard. It’s just hard,” Gayle said.

Metro Health and WellMed were given an additional 9,000 COVID-19 vaccines each for the upcoming week

As more vaccines come so do more sign ups.

“Last week it took me five minutes before I could even log onto their site. Today they fixed it and improved it enough so I could log on but once I put in the code, brought up the form to fill out it already said registration full,” Kathy Collins said.

Collins also said when she calls the WellMed number she gets a frustrating message.

“I repeatedly called every single phone call we get a message saying this number is invalid,” she said.

We checked with the councilwomen who helped get the west and southside clinics started to see what if any changes to the system there are due to the influx of calls they received.

“WellMed has been a great partner in this. They’ve tripled their amount of operators,” District Four Councilwoman Dr. Adriana Rocha Garcia said.

“I know our Major General Jimmie Keenan who is running the show at WellMed she is not wasting one drop,” District Three Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran said.

City officials are working to communicate with the state to keep up with the demand.

“Could you see the conversation being had at the state or even the federal level of even having more vaccines to come into San Antonio,” asked Reporter Amanda Henderson

“Absolutely every single day the judge and I are calling, wiring letters, talking to our representatives,” Mayor Ron Nirenberg said.

Mayor Nirenberg said they will touch base with Metro Health about any possible changes to the system like WellMed.

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