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People around Lackland remain concerned after Coronavirus case confirmation

Author: Zack Hedrick (News4SA)

Even with the precautions being taken with the confirmed coronavirus case, there are some who live and work out in the area of JBSA-Lackland who are feeling scared.

The CDC says the evacuees at the base are having their temperatures monitored twice a day to look out for any symptoms.

“That was my biggest concern,” said Abby Morales, the manager of a barbershop near Lackland.

Morals’ shop is about a mile away from where the quarantined evacuees are staying.

“I was scared for that reason that you know somebody might be infected and then it start spreading,” said Morales.

Even with the confirmation of a coronavirus case, city and health officials stress the risk to the rest of the city is low.

Lackland sits with city district number four. Councilwoman Adriana Rocha-Garcia admits her office has received concerns from the area.

“They are more concerned with the folks that are on base,” said Rocha-Garcia.

The CDC says only employees with special protective gear are allowed in to where the evacuees are staying to check on them.

“We are confident that our military members are taking every precaution to be careful and make sure that nothing disturbs our community and the health of our community,” said Rocha-Garcia.

While concern lingers underneath, people in the area are turning their attention to when the quarantine time will end.

“I hope nobody else has it in there,” said Morales.

The federally mandated quarantine period for the evacuees is scheduled to end on February 21.

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